Got a New Year Resolution for your pet?

In preparation for making your New Year Resolution(s), how about making one on behalf of your pet instead of yourself? You just might be more likely to follow through since that special little someone else is counting on you to be a good guardian and pet parent!

Since moving to a new neighborhood and giving up the yard my dog used to have, now I walk her three times a day – which is the whole reason I adopted a dog in the first place. I am so glad I have no excuses anymore! But I think my resolution should be those walks should be LONGER. I tend to skimp on the 11 PM walk, especially when it is cold and rainy! My excuse is that Sophia hates wind and rain. But she’s wearing a coat, she’s not going to melt!

I would love to hear YOUR pet resolutions for 2008. Switching to BioBags should be one of them! Please post a comment!

ID YOUR PET: Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald of Animal Planet’s “Emergency Vets” and “E-Vet Interns” says making sure your pet has ID is one of the most important ways to keep it safe. Fitzgerald says that only 30 percent of the strays that they see at his Denver practice have a chip or a collar tag so they can be easily returned home. He emphasizes that you need to remember to keep your tags up to date.

PREPARE FOR PROBLEMS: Put together a first-aid kit for your pets. He suggests that at minimum you want gauze, sponges, cotton balls, triple antibiotic ointment, penlight and a thermometer. You can also buy prepared kits at some pet suppliers. And in case all else fails, he says, “have the number of the emergency vet by the phone.”

EXERCISE THE BODY AND THE MIND: You’re not the only one who needs to get more exercise in the New Year — so do your pets. “A cat’s or dog’s brain is a terrible thing to waste. They need a job and a purpose in life, or typically end up couch potato pets with waists the size of pickle barrels,” says Amy Shojai, author of 22 books about pets. Exercising your dog’s body will improve your dog’s behavior and the peacefulness of your household.

“Dogs have a tremendous reserve of energy, and if it isn’t spent in a constructive manner, that energy will spill into other nonconstructive behaviors like household destruction, boredom barking, unchecked attention-seeking behaviors, you name it,” says Victoria Schade, dog trainer and creator of the puppy-training DVD “New Puppy! Now What?” “A 15-minute walk around the block doesn’t cut it,” Schade says. “People need to provide off-leash, pant-inducing play at least once a day.”

KEEP CATS CLEAN: And don’t forget that many cat behavior problems can be headed off if the humans keep up with routine maintenance. Clip your cat’s nails regularly and you may have less problem with furniture scratching. And Shojai says, “Resolve to clean the litter box routinely. Most litter box “oops” accidents develop because of a nasty box. Scoop daily, dump out and wash weekly.”

The list above Courtesy of The Associated Press,

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2 Responses to Got a New Year Resolution for your pet?

  1. Anonymous says:


    I live with a cat and look after a stray cat. I like dogs too. My cat is old and you have prompted me into getting more involved with her exercise, which is vital for her in order to stay healthy (and lose weight).

    I have two cat sites and I hope you will let me mention them here:

    Pictures of Cats


    My Blogger site

    All animals are beautiful for me.


  2. A laser pointer is a great way to exercise your cats. Our dog also likes to chase it and often steals the game from the cats.

    The other favorite kitty toy here is a wand with a feathered toy on the end we whip around the room. Two of the cats are rather primal about it and growl and try to go off with the feathered bit – you often end up walking around the house behind them as if you were walking a dog!

    Good luck with your resolution! I know your cat’s love will make it easy to follow thru!

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