Browsing For Housing Requires On-line, Off-line Smarts

I heard a lot of stats today at the Pacific Northwest Housing Summit that supports these numbers!!

From today’s Realty Times

Browsing For Housing Requires On-line, Off-line Smarts

Financing in hand, shop online for housing using these tips, which include a solid connection with a real estate broker or agent as your partner.

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Wendy Hughes-Jelen is a Seattle-area Realtor® who is EcoBroker Certified® and is a Earth Advantage® Broker AND Built Green® Certified Professional. She helps people find and create their own healthy home, and is trained to assist those with chemical sensitivities, asthma, allergies, or other health concerns that indoor air quality can impact. Wendy is certified to use Energy Star's Portfolio Manager for Energy Efficiency Accounting and Benchmarking ( Be sure to look for Westside Green Living With Wendy on Facebook.
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