No more cardboard moving boxes! Use FROGBOX

Sometimes I come across something so original yet it should have been a *duh* thing and I am glad some people in our world have great initiative and go out on a limb to provide a new service or product because they truly believe it’s the right thing to do – and that it will work.

So props to FROGBOX, something I tripped over while cruising around the web today reading articles coming across my Twitter feed.

The really cool things about FROGBOX:
1) Each FROGBOX will be reused hundreds of times during it’s lifespan
2) Even if cardboard is recycled, the Environmental Protection Agency has stated that Reuse is a much better alternative than recycling because the product does not need to be reprocessed before it can be used again
3) Reusable plastic box requires 39% less energy than a comparable cardboard box to produce
4) They use waste stream bio-diesel fuel, which significantly lowers their emissions. Waste stream bio-diesel does not compete with the food industry –it comes from recycled waste oils and waste cooking oils from restaurants.
5) They use solar energy to power our website.
6) They donate money and their services to local environmental charities

I think this service is a great idea and I definitely will use their services next time I move! I will also recommend them to my friends and neighbors, and my real estate clients!

You can book your FROGBOX order online and save $10!

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Wendy Hughes-Jelen is a Seattle-area Realtor® who is EcoBroker Certified® and is a Earth Advantage® Broker AND Built Green® Certified Professional. She helps people find and create their own healthy home, and is trained to assist those with chemical sensitivities, asthma, allergies, or other health concerns that indoor air quality can impact. Wendy is certified to use Energy Star's Portfolio Manager for Energy Efficiency Accounting and Benchmarking ( Be sure to look for Westside Green Living With Wendy on Facebook.
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3 Responses to No more cardboard moving boxes! Use FROGBOX

  1. That one really is cool. Will have to remember it when I hear about someone moving. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I actully just used them and their service matches their cool concept… kudos to frogbox

  3. Anonymous says:

    check out the originators of the zero waste moving concept… they're expaning nationwide and i just applied for a location in seattle!! i love this idea

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